Mastitis and management boost training

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Deze training heeft reeds plaats gevonden.


You are a dairy cattle vet or consultant with an interest in mastitis and milk quality. You might already have attended various courses on mastitis and milk quality. You feel like already having quite some knowledge BUT still …

  • You do not yet (always) manage to translate that knowledge into targeted farm-specific advice
  • You sometimes feel unsure in the discussion with your dairy farmer client
  • You often feel lonely and lack feedback, confidence and support when it comes to mastitis decision making
  • You search for a sounding board to whom you can discuss with and bounce ideas, insights and possible solutions for certain mastitis problems
  • You experience difficulties in convincing your clients to take action
  • Your enthusiasm and passion for udder health slacks off when you think of the boring though necessary report writing and time-consuming monitoring afterwards


Data modules: (deze zijn achteraf nog terug te kijken)

16 oktober 2018 – Module 1: Vijf fouten die je niet meer mag maken

13 november 2018 – Module 2: Kies je strijd – subklinische mastitis

11 december 2018 – Module 3: Kies je strijd – klinische mastitis

15 januari 2019 – Module 4: Negen redenen waarom de behandeling van mastitis (soms) faalt

12 februari 2019 – Module 5: Goed begonnen is half gewonnen

12 maart 2019 – Module 6: Stop tegen vaarzenmastitis

Locatie: webinar (inlog link wordt verstuurd na inschrijving)

Doelgroep: dierenarts landbouwhuisdieren basis en gevorderd, werkende bij een Evidensia praktijk

Doeldier: rundvee

Instapniveau: dierenarts landbouwhuisdieren basis en gevorderd

Kosten: €54,- per maand, excl. BTW (twaalf maanden programma)

Maximaal aantal deelnemers: 15

Voor meer informatie en inschrijven: Jaap Mulder,


Sofie Piepers

Sofie Piepers graduated as a vet in 2005 and since that time she has been a member of M-team UGent. She is passionate about mastitis and milk quality. As a veterinarian and researcher, Sofie uses her expertise to coach and train vets in mastitis management and encourages them to become the best udder health experts they can be. She loves networking, collecting new information at scientific conferences, and later turning that knowledge into practice. She also enjoys to inspire her veterinary students, showing them how to successfully utilize their talents as udder health advisors. Finally, she loves the reward of transferring data into evidence and evidence into action.